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We have many talents aside from web site work!

Our design team can help you with

all of your company or personal branding needs.
  • logos
  • branding material
  • stationery
  • posters
  • business cards
  • brochures
  • manuals
  • book covers
  • custom book binding
  • photography
  • videography

We offer marketing solutions for your business!

We can create a marketing strategy to suit your needs and to reach your target audience. We offer help with

  • social media
  • print
  • sinage
  • posters
  • creative concepts
  • brochures

We can build a branding package for your business! Why is good branding important?

GOOD branding will ...

  • deliver your message clearly
  • confirm your credibility
  • connect your target prospects emotionally
  • motivate the buyer
  • concrete user loyalty
web sites

Do you need a website?

We can design and build a website, or update your existing site to suit your changing business needs.

We build web and mobile solutions on the cutting edge of modern technology

Our developers, designers and engineers deliver clean, high performance applications on time, and on budget.

We offer personable, professional training for the solutions we build.

We offer FREE analysis and quotes

web sites

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Our SEO experts can increase your online visibility, get your more customers, and improve your BOTTOM LINE.

Do you have a GREAT website that no one sees?

We achieve high ranking results using only White-hat (ethical) techniques.

We always keep our clients up to date with analytics and overall progress.

Contact us for a FREE analysis and quote.

We do all things web and branding. We do not do laundry.
We are based in Decatur, GA, but we serve clients worldwide. We can sometimes be found in Dekalb Farmer's Market watching the fish in the big tanks.
Patrick is our tech guy, and co owner. His finest moment was when he was 4 years old, his Mom dressed him up like a smurf. He looked so real, he made the other kids in preschool cry.
John is our other tech guy, and co owner. He has a love hate relationship with Home Depot, and enjoys cutting vegetables.
DeAnna, our designer and co owner who loves her new spoon rest, and has a penchant for antique dishes. It is rumored that she does not believe in gravity.
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February 24, 2018

The Complete Guide to Migrating an instance of WordPress

Posted on  
   /  by    Patrick

Hi Folks. I’ve been learning and tinkering with WordPress for quite some time now and it’s been quite an adventure to say the least. This very web site is a WordPress theme believe it or not. One downfall that any new WordPress developer will run into is: How do I move this code to a different environment and get it to work?

In my initial google searches on the topic I was surprised to find that there was not a guide published anywhere that had all of the necessary steps. Most of the helpful tutorials that I could find only contained fragments of the process and I was left scratching my head, wondering… Ok I did all that.. now why doesn’t it load? Continue reading

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“…. My cousin Joe can make me a website for under $100!”

Posted on  
   /  by    Deanna
We hear this a lot. However, when we visit said, cheap website, it is painfully obvious that Uncle Joe built it, and the treasured $100 was sadly wasted. This same scenario holds true for the “build it yourself” websites we see.
If you are a seasoned business owner, you are most familiar with the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”

If you are a new entrepreneur, you may be thinking $100 for a website is a good idea.
Continue reading

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Blog spammers the bane of every blogger

Posted on  
   /  by    John

Well I think the title says it all. I am sure every blogger has had their share of spam posted on their site. They usually try and incorporate a thinly disguised, vague comment, usually complementing you but with a link back to their site.

Why do they do this?

Continue reading

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