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Ping's headquarters is located just outside of Atlanta Georgia. Our specialties are SEO, search engine optimization, SEM, search engine marketing, and overall Internet marketing. We are your number one Atlanta SEO company for superior quality SEO while bringing in the highest return on investment.

This makes us the most cost effective Atlanta SEO company!

SEO, SEM, and Internet marketing are all very important for businesses today, who are trying to stay competitive.

Here is an outline of the differences between SEO, SEM and Internet marketing ...

SEO  - Search Engine Optimization

Making your website or listings come up higher on all search engines. Statistics show that 84% of Americans use the internet for searching for products and services. To give you an analogy: if you come up on the first page on the search engines, it is equivalent to having a front-page add of the newspaper. With your goal of being the leading headline. The people that are searching are already looking for the products and/or services that you offer, so they are all qualified leads. SEO when done properly, is the most cost effective means of advertising available. You can target people who are already looking to buy your product or service and not have the broad, non-qualified, reach typified by convenetional advertising methods. Lets take for example a radio or TV spot: Yes you might reach ten thousand folks, but how many of those folks are actively looking for your product? With SEO, and the proper key words, you can target folks that are actively looking to purchase your products and services. Convert them from mere online browsers to paying customers!

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Online advertising in the form of pay per click or other methods. These are advertisments that show up for your keywords when people are searching for them. These typically have the top spots in the search engines and their affiliates. Again these are qualified leads of people looking for your products and or services.

Internet marketing ....

Includes SEO and SEM, but also goes beyond just search engines. It delves into social media, brand recognition, branding, and deal sites.

Nike advertising dollars Studies have shown that most of your major companies are diverting advertising dollars from conventional advertising such as tv, radio, newspaper, and yellow pages to Internet marketing. It has been found that the majority of our population is currently using online methods to seek out services and products.

This is where our search engine optimization experts and search engine marketing specialists can help your business compete in today's market.

When people do an Internet search, they typically use a search engine, such as google, to research the topic or products and services they are interested in. With this in mind, it behoves the business owner to rank high on the search engines for these topics, so they can capture a larger market share, and thereby increase their revenues.

Why choose PING?

PING SEO experts and SEM specialists can help

We have done extensive research on our competitors, and have developed a business model that offers better quality, and more personalized service. Our sole objective is to increase your ROI.
Our specialists continuously study current trends and methods for SEO, SEM, and Internet marketing, because the Internet and large search engines are dynamic, and constantly changing. It is a full time job to stay abreast of all the information and techniques out there.

Businesses' potential pitfalls with SEO, SEM and Internet marketing

So many business owners try to save money by attempting to do all of the online marketing themselves. But the layers of information needed to be successful at SEO, SEM, and Internet marketing, are endless and ever changing.
Eventually, they discover that the hours spent on learning SEO, SEM, and Internet marketing should really have been spent on growing their business. The learning curve for SEO, SEM, and Internet marketing is very steep and time consuming, so either the business owner will have to ignore the needs of their business, or the efforts put in place are wasted, because it wasn't properly done.

We can help any company or business owner by taking their web marketing to a new level. Our goal is to make you money. Using PING to manage all of your marketing needs, will allow you to focus on YOUR specialty and growing your business.